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      Innovation and Leadership

    Innovation has remained a growth catalyst for NIIT, leading us to think “out-of-the-box,” and bring to market products and training solutions that have often been global firsts. We have constantly transformed unique ideas into “on-the-ground” solutions that bring real benefits to learners. Our Franchisee network has earned us the soubriquet of ‘McDonalds of the Training sector’. One of the innovative solutions offered by NIIT is the synchronous learning based Executive Management programs from India’s top B schools through NIIT Imperia. The Industry-endorsed GNIIT curriculum has proved to be a trail-blazing 12-month Professional Practice offering.

    Another epitome of novelty by NIIT was a breakthrough innovation in teaching strategies in schools for which it was honoured by UNESCO for innovation in ICT in Education. The leading Global Talent Development Corporation is committed to create a large pool of well trained, industry ready, world–class IT professionals through its presence in 40 countries. The unique ‘NIIT Inside’ model allows us to offer industry acclaimed IT training programs in partnership with Universities and Colleges in countries like China and Nigeria.

    Our focus and investments in Research have led to initiatives that have earned us global acclaim. The HiWEL’s revolutionary experiment of Minimally Invasive Education launched in 1999 and termed as “Hole in the Wall” by media, brings learning to the disadvantaged. The experiment proved that any set of children can acquire computing skills through incidental learning and access to suitable computing facilities, even in the absence of a direct input. Besides India, “Hole in the Wall” kiosks dot the landscape of countries such as Egypt, Vietnam, Uganda and South Africa, among others.

    Following the tradition of innovation, NIIT conceptualized Model District Learning Center at Chhindwara, to provide high quality IT training for graduates from semi-rural towns.

     Leadership in Global Talent Development

    In today’s globalised, fast-changing world, the importance of ‘Global Talent Development’ can not be underscored. With time, the demand for skilled talent is expected to grow faster.

    The existing skills shortages, along with issues such as the quality, reach and relevance of our education system, have huge ramifications for the Indian economy. However, demographics are in India’s favour. As per a BCG study, by 2020 the world will have a shortage of 47 million working people and the Indian workforce will have a surplus of 56 million people. What’s needed is to develop skills, so that this surplus manpower is equipped to meet the needs of talent across geographies.

    Recognizing this opportunity – NIIT’s mission is to attain leadership in Global Talent Development, by launching innovative, market-driven products and enhancing its reach globally. The Global Talent Development Corporation had set up its first overseas education centre in 1991 and today reaches out to 5 million learners across 40 countries.

    Our global presence facilitates cutting-edge Learning Solutions to Fortune 100 companies, universities, technology majors, training corporations and publishing houses through our subsidiary Element K. Through our subsidiary, CognitiveArts, we offer nearly three decades of experience and represent the highest achievement in research, education and experience in learning design architecture having developed over 300 innovative Experience Learning Solutions ™ for major corporations and institutions.